Hardware Solution

We specialize in hardware design both circuit and PCB design and able to negotiate and support Japanese and English speaking customers and vendors by our professional trilingual engineers.

Besides hardware design, we also specialize in FPGA design with VHDL and Verilog for control, interface or bus translation purposes.


Embedded System Solution

We are professional in Embedded System. Design and Development of Industrial Systems related to Firmware for Microcontroller, User interface, System software application and device drivers on various OS. We can provide the complete embedded system software with one stop service solution.

Factory Automation Solution

We have offerings of the system to be implemented in your factories. We expert in data monitoring system, Apparently we able to provide any suitable solutions.

Furthermore, several system solution from Japan could increase work capacity while reduce production cost of your factories.


Software Solution

Specializing in IT software development services, our software engineers are experts in developing a semantic cross-platform application using various technology.

Our experience applications mainly relate to smart grid IT solution, i.e. building energy management software, demand response software or data analysis software.